Modulare Schulpraxiseinbindung als Ausgangspunkt zur individuellen Kompetenzentwicklung

General Informations

MoSAiK aims at the implementation of a holistic and integrated approach to systematically embed school as the foundation of individual competence development practice in the first phase of teacher education. In detail, five different objectives can be distinguished:

  1. further development of existing teaching and learning arrangements that already connect theory and practice
  2. increased integration of elements of practice and interdisciplinary courses, seminars and lectures
  3. implementation of existing counselling programmes, a monitoring and a systematic supervision of students to preventatively support their individual development
  4. further development of structures and concepts for diagnostics, for differentiation, for different opportunities for learning and for a collaborative teaching of special needs education, educational sciences and subject-specific teaching methodology
  5. transfer of research findings from educational sciences and subject-specific teaching methodology into the teaching study programmes.