How to apply for the CLIL-Certificate?

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So, you have decided to apply for the CLIL-Certificate course? Wonderful!

Please notice that there a prerequisites for a successful application:    


1. You need to have successfully completed your first didactic seminar in English, usually Module 5! 

2. Completing the first two internships is prerequisite (OP), the completion of the third (VP) is desirable but not mandatory.

While 1 & 2 apply only for students at Koblenz University, the next aspect applies also to teachers and teachers on probation:

3. Your second subject has to be a content subject, i.e. students or teachers of German as a subject sadly cannot apply!


You can tick all of the above? Great!

And all of this is free of charge! No need to re-enroll at Koblenz University, no additional fees!

Please prepare and email

  • a short letter of motivation (pdf)
  • a Curriculum Vitae outlining your education 
  • the KLIPS record including the modules completed and grades achieved (students only).

Please send those until the March 15th, 2021 to!

You will receive an answer by April 9th, 2021!

Felicitas Fein

Felicitas Fein
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Sarah Wunderlich

Sarah Wunderlich

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